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Aircraft Icing

Test at the RTA facility

30th October 2015 by

AeroTex performed a 3-day test at the RailTec Arsenal (RTA) facility in Vienna for the first time. This impressive facility allows icing testing on large models down to temperatures of -35C. Originally developed as a climatic chamber for trains, it was recently modified with spray bars to allow icing testing to also be performed.

Our thanks go to Hermann, Michael, Otto and the rest of the team for their excellent support.

AeroTex attends SAE International Icing Conference in Prague

26th June 2015 by

The AeroTex team attended the SAE 2015 International Conference on Icing of Aircraft, Engines, and Structures in Prague from 22nd – 25th June, where we presented 2 papers:

2015-01-2079: Analysis of Ice Release from a Rotating Propeller

2015-01-2142: Initial Results from a Hybrid Electro-Thermal Electro-Mechanical Simulation Tool (HETEMS)

Richard Moser also co-chaired two of the sessions for the event, as well as attending the SAE AC-9C commitee meeting on Sunday 21st June.

AeroTex nominated for Clean Sky ‘best project’ award

5th May 2015 by

SIPAL (Scoop Intake and channel including Ice and debris Protection and Acoustic Liners) programme, a Clean Sky project, has been nominated by the European Clean Sky Initiative for its ‘best project’ award in the ‘systems for green operation’ category – for what is believed to be the first air intake design to integrate both ice protection and noise reduction technology.

The goal of the collaborative  was to respond to an Airbus-defined requirement for an innovative air intake that would feed air into a new electronic environmental control system for the passenger cabin of possible future single aisle aircraft. AeroTex UK  worked with programme leader GKN Aerospace.

The SIPAL (Scoop Intake and channel including Ice and debris Pro

Ice protected SIPAL scoop. Photo credit: GKN

More information can be found at GKN Aerospace.

GAINS selected as top-ranked proposal for CS2 call

13th February 2015 by

The GAINS (Green Airframe Icing Novel Systems) proposal, submitted against Clean Sky 2 call H2020-CS2-CPW01-2014-01, was ranked as the top proposal against the call criteria, and will now go into the negotiation phase.

The GAINS consortium is led by Meggitt Polymers and Composites, with the following partners: University of Nottingham, Artus, Meggitt Sensing Systems, Ultra Electronics, AeroTex and CIRA.

Archived AeroTex News

16th April 2007 by
October AeroTex presents paper at the 2nd OpenFOAM Users Conference
June AeroTex co-chairs session at AIAA Atmospheric and Space Environments Conference
January AeroTex participate in 3 month UKAC Active Rotor Research Study
December AeroTex performs the validation test for the Clean Sky HETEMS project at the CIRA facility in Italy, with support from Dassault Aviation and Zodiac Aerospace
October AeroTex performs the Trials Management and Icing Expert role for a RIPS (Rotor Ice Protection System) test at the NRC facility, Canada
March AeroTex performs Trials Management role for an engine intake icing trial at the GKN Icing Research Tunnel, Luton
January AeroTex wins EU Framework 7 project ‘STORM’ (Efficient ice protection Systems and simulation Techniques Of ice Release on propulsive systeMs), as part of a large European consortium with Snecma as the Topic Manager
October AeroTex performs consultancy role for a 5-week ice protection system test at the NASA Glenn Icing Research Tunnel facility, USA
June AeroTex releases a 2D Alpha release version of the HETEMS code to consortium members
December AeroTex wins Clean Sky project ‘SANDIT’ (Scoop and NACA Divergent Intake Trial), as part of a consortium including GKN Aerospace Services, EPM Technology and Altair Engineering, with Airbus as the Topic Manager
December AeroTex wins Clean Sky project ‘ELWIPS’ (Electro-thermal Laminar Wing Ice Protection System), as part of a consortium including Meggitt Polymers and Composites, Meggitt Artus and the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, with Dassault Aviation as the Topic Manager
13th – 17th June AeroTex attends the SAE International Conference on Aircraft and Engine Icing and Ground Deicing, with Richard Moser as co-chair, and both Roger Gent and Colin Hatch presenting papers
16th April Ian Roberts joins AeroTex as an Aeroelastics and Dynamics expert
March AeroTex performs Icing Wind Tunnel development testing of a new thermal probe based LWC sensor
December AeroTex moves to a larger premises
12th October AeroTex signs grant agreement for European Union Clean Sky Research Programme – HETEMS
4th August Participation in AIRA 3D icing code workshop
2nd – 5thAugust Attendance at AIAA Atmospheric and Space Environments Conference, Toronto
19th April Colin Hatch joins AeroTex as a Structural Dynamics expert
1st March Peter Hicks joins AeroTex as an RAIS placement, aiming to aid in development of 3D solvers
7th February Initial release version of IDP analysis code
10th December AeroTex signs grant agreement for European Union Clean Sky Research Programme, jointly with GKN Aerospace – SIPAL
10th December AeroTex signs grant agreement for European Union Clean Sky Research Programme – SLD_Scoop
14th November Richard Moser accepts position as general co-chair for the 2011 SAE International Conference on Aircraft and Engine Icing and Ground De-Icing
10th – 12th November Attendance at SAE AeroTech Conference, Seattle
21st July Initial release version of TAC2 analysis code
16th July Initial release version of IHB analysis code
2nd April Initial release version of ET3D analysis code
24th – 27th September Attendance at SAE Aircraft and Engine Icing International Conference, Seville
1st May Roger Gent joins AeroTex UK LLP
16th April AeroTex UK LLP starts trading
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