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Aircraft Icing

SENS4ICE Symposium held as part of the SAE AC-9C Committee Meeting

23rd October 2020 by

On the 22nd October 2020, the SENS4ICE research programme, which focusses on the detection of SLD icing conditions, held a Symposium as part of the SAE AC-9C Aircraft Icing Technology Committee meeting.  The symposium was held virtually but was attended by more than 100 people from across industry and academia.  At this meeting AeroTex presented details of the Atmospheric Icing Patches (AIP) that they are developing as part of this programme, with aspirations to go to flight test within 1 to 2 years.  This followed on from a successful series of development icing wind tunnel tests that were performed at the RTA facility in Vienna, Austria.  Presentations given by the partners can be found here.

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