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Aircraft Icing

The SENS4ICE project has launched its website and social media!

2nd August 2019 by

The SENS4ICE project is a research and innovation action funded by the EU through the international cooperation flagship of the Horizon 2020 programme.

SENS4ICE stands for SENSors and certifiable hybrid architectures for safer aviation in ICing Environment and addresses the need for reliable detection and discrimination of icing conditions. SENS4ICE will focus on the development, test, validation, and maturation of the different detection principles, the hybridisation – in close cooperation with regulators to develop acceptable means of compliance – and the final airborne demonstration of technology capabilities in relevant natural icing conditions.

The project consortium unites European and international aircraft manufacturers, equipment suppliers and research/academia with a large variety of technologies that have emerged in recent years. Since icing is a global hazard, SENS4ICE will address this challenge with a global consortium including participants from Brazil, USA, and Russia.

Stay updated on the progress in SENS4ICE – we invite you to visit our website https://www.sens4ice-project.eu/ and follow our Linked In Company Page “SENS4ICE project”!

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