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AeroTex nominated for Clean Sky ‘best project’ award

5th May 2015 by

SIPAL (Scoop Intake and channel including Ice and debris Protection and Acoustic Liners) programme, a Clean Sky project, has been nominated by the European Clean Sky Initiative for its ‘best project’ award in the ‘systems for green operation’ category – for what is believed to be the first air intake design to integrate both ice protection and noise reduction technology.

The goal of the collaborative  was to respond to an Airbus-defined requirement for an innovative air intake that would feed air into a new electronic environmental control system for the passenger cabin of possible future single aisle aircraft. AeroTex UK  worked with programme leader GKN Aerospace.

The SIPAL (Scoop Intake and channel including Ice and debris Pro

Ice protected SIPAL scoop. Photo credit: GKN

More information can be found at GKN Aerospace.

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